Affair with Married Woman


Sex Experience with a Married Woman

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

My name is Maria. I am 42 years old and have been living alone with my two daughters for three years now. I’ve been divorced for four years. During that time I had one or two short relationships, but nothing serious. Maybe I’m not ready for something solid yet. However, I get along very well without a man, so I feel very comfortable on my own.

Not that I would lack opportunities. Most people estimate me in my mid-thirties. My 52kg are spread over a slim 1.72m. My long legs and my firm bottom show no signs of cellulite. My still tight 75C cups don’t suggest my age either. My shoulder-length, dark red hair, my deep blue eyes, and my beautiful curved lips are as attractive as ever to men. I attach great importance to my body and my appearance, for which I also exercise regularly.

At work, I see many wanting to get closer to me. And some who find the courage to try their luck with me. However, the company in which I work is not necessarily the most presentable male of our genus. Therefore, the overcoming and the often rather clumsy turn-on is in vain.


It was a Wednesday afternoon. I came home from work, my two little ones were with their friends, and I wanted to look for some new curtains online. But I had done the math without my laptop. I could do what I wanted, no web pages were shown.

After trying several times to solve the problem myself, I gave up. I picked up the phone and called one of my former work colleagues. Thorsten was at home and said he would be there in 10 minutes. Wonderful, I thought. I hope he finds the problem and can fix it quickly.

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. I opened it and Thorsten stood outside. Thorsten was just 25 years old and anything but attractive. He was half a head shorter than me, and of medium stature. His short brown hair was slowly getting a little light. Perhaps in exchange for that, he had a beard without which he would probably look like 16. His little watery eyes stared into my cutout as soon as the door opened. I didn’t know him otherwise. I don’t think he has slept with a woman before, but he never gets tired of telling everyone who wants to hear it or not of telling about his many adventures with women. Nobody believes him, of course,

As he looks me up and down, his eyes widen. I still wear my clothes from work: a knee-length light white summer skirt and high strappy sandals. with a light blouse, which does not have a very deep neckline, but is very tight and emphasizes my plump apples well. The hair was loose, not tied to a tight knot as at work. I ask him in, show him my laptop and he gets to work. While he’s clinking the keyboard, I do my chores around the house. Every time I bend down to pick something up from the floor, I feel his eyes on me. I feel very uncomfortable and I move my activities to another room.

I don’t think I see properly! It’s been quite a while since I last saw Maria. And as always, I have to concentrate in order not to get a stand right away. This figure, the long legs … And now also this skirt and these horny high shoes! I would give anything to sleep with this woman! But now concentrate first. First, you repair her computer. Who knows how grateful she is to you for that!

After a while, I hear him calling from the next room. I look and he did it! Everything works fine again. I get on the internet and everything happens quickly, as I am used to. I am happy and thank him. I offer him something to drink because it would be too rude for me to put him in front of the door again. I hand him a glass of water, sit on my corner sofa in the other corner and start chatting to him about trivial matters. He wants to know from me whether he should show me what was broken so that I can fix it myself next time. I don’t care, but I agree to be polite. He takes the laptop and sits next to me. It is a little too close for my taste.

I move away from him inconspicuously and he starts showing me some

settings on the laptop that have probably been mixed up. As he talks and explains, he slowly and almost imperceptibly moves closer to me again. I don’t notice until our legs touch. I have already reached the armrest of the corner sofa and therefore cannot slide any further. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable and I’m about to say something when my eyes fall on his lap. Under his pants, there is a very clear bulge between his legs! This is just unreal!

Oh my God! I can not stand this anymore! My pants are about to burst! This woman is a sex goddess! I can hardly hold back! I want to throw myself at her immediately and penetrate her! Oh dear, at the thought of it I almost explode … I’m going crazy!

I am just too scared to produce anything. He keeps talking and starts to move up and down with his free hand on the bump as if by himself and very inconspicuously. I am completely perplexed and am looking for the right words to express my indignation. Suddenly, he seems to have finished his explanations without me noticing, he places the laptop on my flat coffee table and then lies back again. He looks at me and assesses my whole body again, almost embarrassed.

“Maria …”

“Thorsten, I think you better go now.” “Maria! Please! No! Please!”

“Thorsten! What do you think? Do you think I don’t see what you’re doing


“Maria! What should I do? You run around here all the time and bend over in front of me! And then your long legs in this skirt and shoes! I have had the feeling that my pants have exploded for 10 minutes”

“So listen now! Make you come out! But immediately! You should be ashamed!”

Thorsten looks at me imploringly, almost begging. He starts to stroke his bump with his right hand again.

“Please, Maria! I can’t go like this! That doesn’t work! I need it now,

right now! Very urgent!”

I am so surprised by his statement that I completely miss the words “What … What … What do you expect …?”

“You don’t have to do anything Maria, just sit next to me. I’ll do it myself.

Just put your leg over mine. Please!” “What ??? All of this can’t be serious …”

“Please, Maria! After that, I’m gone immediately, but I need it now!”

I don’t know what made me give in at that moment. Maybe it was his desperate look. Maybe I just didn’t want to hear anything more about the topic. I said nothing more, looked in a different direction, and put my right leg over his left.

For a long time, I heard nothing but the sound of his hand rubbing over his jeans. Suddenly I felt his hand on my thigh. Slowly she stroked up and down. Without a word and without looking, I took his hand and put it away from my thigh. But immediately afterward she was on my leg again.

“Maria, please! It’s easier for me!”

Madness! These perfect slim legs, this light, soft skin! I have to touch her! Oh, that feels so incredibly awesome! I’m going nuts! I have to get him out of my pants before it explodes! Ooohhhh yes, that’s a lot better!

And these beautiful feet! I have to take her shoe off and feel it … Ooohhhh! Watch out for Thorsten! You mustn’t inject! Not yet!

For God’s sake! What am I doing here? Just think of something else. Pretend you’re not here at all. It worked! I concentrated on something else and was able to distract my thoughts from what was happening right next to me. Until I felt him start to take off my right shoe. Not! Think of something else, then everything will be over faster. His hand slid down my thigh to my foot and started massaging him. Under the sole, between the toes. That slowly became colorful to me! I turned to him and wanted to say something, but my words got stuck in my throat.

Without my noticing it, he had opened his pants, pushed his underpants aside, and pulled out his erect penis. He now worked on this with his hand. It was of average size and uncircumcised. During his up and down movements, the glans appeared briefly and then disappeared under the foreskin. The lush bush that looked out of his underpants showed that his intimate area had probably never seen a razor.

“What …? Have you gone crazy ?!”

“It is so much faster! I hardly feel anything through my pants! It is fast, Maria!”

Again I asked myself what I’m doing here. I averted my gaze and now hope all the more that it will soon be over and that I could forget this absurd situation. Now he pulled my thigh further up to his crotch and suddenly I felt something warm and hard on my thigh. He rubbed his penis on my leg! My God, it doesn’t happen! I already felt the first moisture from his drops of pleasure. Oh god, please let it be over soon.

Oh, how good that feels! My hard penis on her perfect legs! I’ve always dreamed of that! Oh, I don’t want it to stop! I will pull myself together as long as possible.

Maybe … Yes, now I can try it too! What do I have to lose?

I don’t remember how much time passed, his hand suddenly grabbed my wrist. I was surprised that I had finally managed to change my mind. He took my arm, put my hand around his stiff penis, and started moving it up and down. Without looking in his direction I heard from him:

“Please Maria, it is doing so well now, I’ll be right there! Please keep going!”

Oh my God! These soft hands! These delicate slim fingers! She knows exactly what she is doing! Oh, that’s heaven! Your hands around my penis! I have to … NO! Concentrate! It shouldn’t be over yet! Ooooohhh…

I didn’t say a word. It couldn’t get any worse anyway. So I started massaging his hard penis without looking. I felt that he was getting wetter and as soon as I started my massage, his moaning didn’t stop. It seemed to me that an infinitely long time passed, but I was not redeemed. I asked him what was going on and he replied that it was very nice, but that he could not come somehow. Then his hand went under my blouse and grabbed my right breast.

He started massaging and squeezing and squeezing her. Finally, he pulled my bra down and massaged the soft skin of my round breasts. My long nipples weren’t erect, but that didn’t bother him. His hands tightened and played with my nipples.

I just have to dare! Now or never! Yes! It won’t stop me! Oh, her breasts are perfect, I knew it! They just fit in my hand! Oh, I want to feel her skin … Oh my god! What nipples! I can’t take it any longer! I just HAVE to fuck this woman, otherwise, I will go crazy here and now!

So it went on for quite a while without finally having his orgasm. Now everything was too much for me. I wanted it to be over now. Just now! And I also knew how to do it. I got up without warning. I had already forgotten that I was only wearing one shoe and almost fell over. So I took off the other one too. I stood in front of him, he looked at me with wide eyes and pure lust. I raised my skirt and took off my panties underneath. Then I climbed on Thorsten, made myself comfortable, took his hard penis, and brought it to my pussy. Without thinking about it, I sat down and his hard penis penetrated me. A loud moan acknowledged my movement. I immediately started to move up and down. The moan was immediately louder and I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. I wasn’t wet, but his shiny glans produced so many drops that he slid through me after just a few bumps.

What is she doing now? No! I do not believe that! I have to dream! This is too much! Yes! Come here! OOOOOHHHHH !!! I am in her! It is so tight and hot! I will not survive that! Oh, that firm crunchy ass! These horny firm breasts! Oh, God! How she rides me! That’s it! I can not anymore! I have to … OOHHH GOD !!! AAHHHH !!!

He no longer knew where to put his hands. Sometimes they were under my blouse to knead my breasts tightly and uncontrollably, now on my butt to knead and squeeze them as well. I rode him as hard and as fast as I could to just get him to climax and end this surreal scenario. Finally, his hands grabbed my ankles, I felt his rod pulsate inside me, felt him press his abdomen against me with all his strength, and under a long, loudly groaned “Oh my god !!!” he injected charge after charge into me. When I no longer felt any new effusions, I gave myself a break from it. His whole body was trembling and his breath was jerky.

When I left the bathroom, he was fully dressed again, waiting for me. “Thanks, Maria!”

“Go. I never want to see you here again! And NOTHING a word about what happened here today!”

“But Maria …!”

“OUT! Never let yourself be seen here again!”

He left my house completely red between disappointment and despair. I closed the door and took a deep breath. My two daughters would be coming home soon. I could only do one thing. Pretend nothing had happened. And just forget this incredible event as soon as possible.

The End.

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